Case study - Better Governor

We needed a full-service digital agency with proven expertise of working within a complex business such as ours, to support us from visioning through development to implementation. Velo have provided a great service, delivering not only to the brief, but at times, way beyond that. We’ve valued their expertise, skills and knowledge.

AP, Head of Commercial Services, Babcock Education


Babcock Education provides outsourced services across IT, Facilities Management and HR in partnership with the local Country council to schools. They wanted to form a closer relationship with school governors to develop new revenue streams, including from outside of their traditional operating regions. This resulted in the launch Better Governor, an information service for school governors.


We were tasked by Better Governor to help establish them as a new, key-player in an already crowded market. This required working with internal and external partners in planning, developing and implementing the Better Governor vision across multiple digital projects and campaigns.


Having initially focused on the visual presentation of the site, our work with Better Governor evolved to cover the following:

  • Marketing materials audit: We began with an audit and analysis of competitors, before conducting internal workshops with key stakeholders to explore the correct visual direction of the Better Governor site. This forensic approach to the design process resulted in an insight-driven visual identity and website design that was approved and signed-off by all parties involved.
  • Insight and planning: We were then invited to expand out remit to provide strategic leadership in order to help refine the Better Governor proposition. This included making recommendations over on-site content, brand messaging and pricing.
  • Website development: We were also tasked with developing and delivering the entire Better Governor site. This work covered eCommerce, subscription management, and content-delivery in the form of emails, webinars, videos, articles and more. Further additions included the development of an iOS App for subscribers, a live chat feature for advice on the fly, automated email programs to drive adoption and usage, and a new consultancy offering using a Q&A-style forum.
  • Paid media: In 2018, we created a series of paid media campaigns spanning LinkedIn, Twitter and Google with the purpose of driving more leads for the company.


Having launched in June 2015, the Governor has achieved significant user targets and is running ahead of revenue targets for usage within the three main hubs served by Babcock. It is now firmly established as an essential resource, actively supporting over 6,000 Governors at over 2,500 schools nationwide in over 150 local authorities.

Today we are proud to be Babcock’s only digital agency partner for their education division.

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